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Monday, June 17, 2013

Grojband Review

Grojband is a tv show made by Fresh TV it is currently on Cartoon Network and will be on Teletoon in Canada. This show is surprisingly pretty good. I mean I'm more of an anime fan then a western cartoon fan. But I still like these kinds of shows. They're just hilarious. Anyway let's move on to the show. Like most cartoons it's pretty funny. I honestly really like it. At first when I saw a commercial I was like " Hm... I'll give it a watch but I don't think I'll like it." But now I'm like "Hm... I'll watch the next episode." I hope by the end of this review you'll want to watch the show two. Now on to characters there's Corey he's the lead of the band. Then there's Laney she has a huge crush on Corey. Then we got Kin and Kon. They are identical twins. They all make up Grojband. Then we got characters who aren't in their band. There's Trina Corey's extremely annoying sister. There is Mina Trina's friend according to Mina but she actually abused by Trina. There's Nick who every girl in school has a crush on especially Trina. And many more. If you're Canadian this show will premiere in the fall on Teletoon. Now here's the video for the first episode.