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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Help out the anime revolution!

I know I've already said this but we still need more and more support. Like I've said anime dvd sales have dropped 47% since 2007. Not enough people are buying dvd's. So I beg of you go to amazon right now and buy random anime related stuff. also go to more anime conventions that helps the companies as well. Now I must tell you stop watching anime online. 9 out of 10 anime fans have a preferred site to watch anime. There are many like animefreak, animefushigi, gogoanime etc. This may come to a shock but those sites are killing anime. Hard to believe but true why? Because your watching it for free anime companies make no money out of it and get forced to shut down because less and less people watch it on tv. Those evil websites! I know anime isn't on tv 24/7 but that's why they invented dvd's so you can watch it all day every day. What a great invention! You can get that for only around $25.00. That's it, and that includes shipping when you get it off of amazon. Let me tell you amazon good for anime anime video websites bad! Please help if you don't anime might only be in Japanese forever. This will destroy the anime revolution because it'll crush the dreams of many amateur anime artists. Because if anime goes then a really huge industry will go with it and will be extremely hard to restore. Please help those companies out in America so they can continue with dubbing. I'm only asking for everyone to spare around $25.00 at least that's all I ask if the anime companies can get this amount of support from everyone I'm not joking anime will be saved. C'mon people let's work hard together to save anime! I will not put this in a foreign language because it'll only affect English speakers.