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Friday, August 9, 2013

English: I can't help myself but to do this update! にほんご:私は自分自身を助けることはできませんが、このアップデートを行うこと!

Hello blogger world my name is Akshay as you all know and if you follow me on google plus you would know that I posted vids on mega evolutions. If you're a digimon fan talking about that isn't unusual. But what if your a pokemon fan. That's right the thing I've dreamed for pokemon since I was 10 is real now! Pokémon will be getting mega evolutions! As far as I know these will be temporary transformations and can only be used in battle.  I got this info from many different youtubers and even saw trailers for these mega evolutions. If you wanna see them well I'll post them later but right now I will announce the pokemon that will get mega evolutions so far.
Mewtwo(Mega form for a legendary new generation says awesome! And old generation is split on this idea.)
Blaziken(A powerhouse getting a mega evolution probably hard to control.)
Lucario(All I can say is if you fight one of these better hope you live near a pokemon center.)
Ampharos(Weird design new generation says what?! old generation says Idk.)
Mawile (Awesome! For everyone!)
Absol(Too cool for words.)
Videos for this stuff below I'm not in any of them: