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Monday, August 5, 2013

Japanese Word of The Day! Days 36-49

I made a promise that no matter what I would catch up with these for you guys and I will  never break that promise!
漫画manga is アニメ
anime is anime.
漫画家mangaka means manga writer.
損語句son goku means goku from dbz.
韓国kankoku which means South Korea.
あのひとわだれですか?Ano hito wa dare desuka? means Who is that person?
あのひととちわだれですか? Ano hito tochi wa dare desuka? which means Who are those people?
彼女炉簿意フレンド輪誰ですか?kanojoro boifurendo wa dare desuka? which means Who is her boyfriend?
かれのなまえわぽるです? Kare no namae wa poru desu? means His name is Paul.
お名前輪なんですか?Onamae wa nan desuka? means What is your name?
かのじょのなまえわなんですか?Kanojo no namae wa nan desuka? which means What's her name?おしごとわなんですか?oshigoto wa nan desuka? わんさのしごとわなんですか?Wan san noshigoto wa nan desuka?
Sorry I'm way too exhausted to put this in a foreign language.