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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's time

What is it time for? To explain how to scare away the pirates. If you want a refresher pirates online are people who put illegal content online. They are huge problems in the manga and anime industry. In the last post I explained that this was a huge problem everywhere in the world. It's even starting to become a problem in it's homeland Japan! And if the homeland crumbles so will the rest of the world. Now here is the solution to a part of the manga/anime industry problem. We have to scare away the pirates and to do that we must stop using scanlation sites or fansubbing/dubbing sites. I can list a bunch of these. mangareader mangafox animefreak gogoanime etc. You get the point we have to stop using these. There are multiple alternatives to this that benefit the manga and anime industries greatly! We could go on amazon and buy everything manga and anime related for insanely low prices! Wait a couple business days it's all in our hands. You don't even have to do that there are apps and ereaders and a whole bunch of things the Japanese and American companies make that allow you to read manga. Just look up Shonen Jump alpha. It's a digital manga thing made by Viz Media so they have to benefit out of it somehow. And you even get the manga the same time the Japanese will isn't that amazing everyone! There are other alternatives to that. You can go to a local library and ask for the comic book section. If you are in a library and can't find the manga you want ask the librarians to get it this works in every country doesn't matter if it's the U.S, U.K , Australia or Japan! There's a good chance you'll find some manga especially if you are in Japan. They have Cafes for manga in that country! There are so many alternatives to the scanlation sites. And after you read a manga you can buy anime dvd's on amazon or in some store. These are very easy to find in Japan. In America not so much but not impossible. If you don't live in America or Japan chances are your situation is similar to America's. Right now the companies are working really hard to digitize manga and selling them online for you guys(Well only a few companies but it'll catch on and everyone will get into online manga!) It's going to take a whole lot of time before manga is digitized in the proper profiting way everywhere so what do we do stop reading and watching and wait? No! We should keep supporting the industry keep buying the comics, keep buying the dvd's no scanlations please! If we do all this the pirates will give up run away and the industry will grow forever! Are you with me everybody take a stand against scanlation and a stand for buying manga and anime through all the ways I've listed above. Who's with me?! P.S: Sorry this was really long I still have one more post about this to do?