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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What happened to my pokemon fanfiction?

A few months ago I started posting fan fictions of pokemon. It revolved around me if I was a pokemon trainer. I posted Part 1 and 2 so far. I lost all the other parts. I am very sorry but I will continue it just with a completely different story. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I have not give up!

Don't worry my readers I have not given up on this blog! I don't post as much because I've been distracted too much. I have not given up and I will post again.I'm going to bring out the full potential of this blog and I hope you still have patience in me. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 110!

Today's word of the day is じゅいちju ichi.

Ju is ten and Ichi is one. In Japanese there is no word for eleven, what you do is you say ju or ten then ichi or one. That is how the Japanese number system works. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 108!

Today's word of the day is ブロンドburondo. Burondo means blonde hair. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Google+ Review

Today I'm going to try something different. Instead of reviewing movies or tv shows, I'm going to review a social network.

I know that a lot of people don't like Google plus. But guess what? This blog would be nothing without google plus. Because everything on this blog is immediately sent to all my google plus followers. Which is 99% of every reader on this blog. Now time to review!

I've had google plus for two years now, I have met really fun and interesting people. Today I have over 1,000 followers.It is the only social network I use regularly. One thing I like is the notification system, it is a great way for me to catch up with conversations. Especially since I talk to foreign people all the time, so when I have to go to bed right after contacting a friend in Japan when I wake up I'll know immediately if I got a response. Another thing I like about Google plus is tagging. That's when you hit the plus button and write someone's name on a post. They will immediately be able to find that post. Very convenient! Another thing I like is google plus communities. Those are places on google plus where you're only allowed to post or comment about a certain topic. It makes socializing online really easy. The last thing I'm going to say is I like how easy it is to use. I have used google plus in such a way where I don't even need to be logged in. The notifications work as long as I'm in logged into google accounts. Plus, every conversation is listed in my gmail. I can access the chat system via gmail or via my phone. Since my blog is powered by blogger which is a part of google I can share any blog post to google plus without being on google plus.You don't have to be on the social network to actually use it. Really convenient. I know a lot of people don't like google plus but take it from me if you have nothing to do right now I would sign up for google plus. I know Youtube users are kind of annoyed by the linking thing but give google plus a try, who knows maybe you'll meet some really cool people.

Convenience: 9 out of 10.
Notification system: 8 out of 10.
Communites: 7.5 out of 10.

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 107!

Today's word of the day is 日本Nippon. Nippon is a way of saying Japan in Japanese. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day Day 106

Usually I post these around  9 am but I'm going to mix it up from now on.

Toda's word of he day which is actually a question is おなまえわなんですか?Onamae wa nan desuka? In English hat means What is your name?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 105!

Today's word of the day is つうきんするTsukin suru. This means commute. Those of you who don't know commute is like traveling.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 104!

Today's word of the day is バー ba. It's extremely close to what it means in English. It means bar.

For those who are wondering when I'm going to tell you what I have planned for this summer on the blog. I will reveal it on June 30th.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 103!

Hey everybody I said I would post a new post really soon. And turns out that means 3 hours. Today's word of the day is a word that is very appropriate for the season I am entering here in the United States.

Today's word of the day is プール Puru. Puru in English is pool. I wish I was at the プール right now.

I'm back!

Like I said in a previous post I had to leave so I could study hard for the finals. Yesterday these finals concluded, so I'm back hopefully most likely without a hiatus ever again. Starting in July I will post so many times you'll be sick of me. I made plans for this blog ad I'm going to unleash them soon. But for right now I want to make a comeback. I want my views to skyrocket for the last week of this month. So keep viewing and I'll post another post really soon.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 102!

Sorry I haven't made one of these in a while.

This one is 手首tekubi. Tekubi means wrist.

Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm sorry everybody!

As you know for a whole month I have not posted a single thing. There are multiple reasons why. One is because I didn't have access to the internet. That just makes everything impossible to begin with. But there are other reasons. There are important things happening now. I had to do some hard work in school and I've been doing just that I'm improving very well. But it is still not enough. The only reason why I'm posting this now is because you people don't deserve to be left hanging like this. There are possibilities of me posting in the future. But, only if I know for sure that I'm not wasting valuable time. I'm thinking of posting again once in the next two days, but like I said only if I can the spare the time. I'm sorry I have to do this to you guys, but, if all ends well I'll be posting regularly in one month, and most likely more than normal! Again, I'm sorry remember keep viewing my  blog no matter what the circumstances, I really appreciate that some of you have kept viewing everyday and I'm very grateful. Thanks, and goodbye!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Great news everyone!

Hey everyone I hoped you enjoyed my last post. But now it's time for another stats update. As you can tell by the title what I'm about to say will be very good. As of this moment I have 581 views for the past three weeks. That is great. Some of you are probably thinking that means A Day With Akshay  right on track. No, it's even better. The views have reached within 100 views o the goal. At this rate the curse that was put on my blog is gone. What curse you ask? The curse that I grow two months then plummet down the next! Sadly spring break is dying away so I won't have time to post as much as I have this week. But I still will do my very best to put as many as I can! I never told you guys but I have a new idea for  manga and I'm going to share it with you guys to critique. So expect that soon. I'll give you guys a background of it first.  But right now I will work on those to put up later this week. Have a great week everyone!

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 101!

Today's word of the day is ナイトテーブルnaitoteburu. This means nightstand.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 100!

First of all something amazing has happened. I finally am in the triple digits. Even though the Japanese Word of The Day posts have been around almost a year. I haven't been able to make them all the time. But now I finally got to Day 100!

Today's word of the day is ひゃくhyaku. This means 100.

Why did I make these?
For those of you who have been following this blog since the very beginning now that these word of the days weren't always here. This blog was originally made to sponsor my ideas for a manga. So you could read it and critique my ideas before I stated drawing it out(which I am still learning how to do). Then I started making reviews  for movies and tv shows just because I can. But why did I make these word of the days? For those of you who have been around a while now that I need time to create my ideas for manga. Also I can't go to the movies every single day! So I thought hey maybe I should teach people Japanese while they are waiting! And that's exactly what I've been doing. So now you have a really detailed explanation of why this happened.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day98!

Today's word of the day is 闇yami. Yami is the bad element. I will use it in my manga. And yes they are the bad guys. Anyways this word means darkness!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Japanes Word of The Day! Day 97!

Today's word of the day is 地chi. I taught you fire then I taught you water. So now what? I'm teaching you the word for earth. Not the planet, the element they use in Avatar the Last Airbender.

This post is here for technical difficulties 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Japanese Word of the Day! Day 96!

Today's word of the day, like yesterday's has two translations. 水sui or 水mizu. Unlike yesterday the words do not have a difference in meaning. They both mean water. There's a huge complicated thing in Japanese where the words can be read in a Chinese reading or a Japanese reading. This is one of those things. Sui is a Chinese loan word but Mizu is pure Japanese!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 95!

Today's word of the day is 火hi or 火事kaji. Both of these mean fire. But the first one is used for a fire you can control, like in a stove, but the second one is used for uncontrolled fire. Like if a house is burning down. In the manga I am creating the main character can control fire so I will use 火. But when he loses control I will use 火事.

Pokemon Fanfiction Part 2

Marc: This’ll go down right here right now, and it’s a 3 on 3 battle. Got it?
Akshay: Yep.

Marc: Alright! Pidgeot let’s go!

(He sends out Pidgeot.)

(A sleeping ryhorn gets up and goes on to the battle field.)

Akshay: Ryhorn! You want to battle!

Ryhorn: Horn!

Akshay: I’ll take that as a yes. Alright use tackle!

(Ryhorn goes really fast to tackle Pidgeot.)

Marc: Pidgeot use Wing Attack!

(It hits Ryhorn.)

Akshay: Ryhorn use Stomp.

(It really hurts Pidgeot.)

Marc: PIdgeot are you okay!

(Pidgeot nods.)

Marc: Alright Pidgeot use air cutter then take to the skies.

Akshay: Oh no you don’t! Ryhorn dodge it!

(Ryhorn dodges and tackles Pidgeot before it takes to the skies.)

Marc: Pidgeot are you okay?

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

Marc: Pidgeot use air cutter over and over again!

(That’s exactly what Pidgeot does.)

Akshay: Ryhorn take the hit like a man.

(Ryhorn just stands there and lets all the attacks hit him.)

Marc: You’ll go down eventually!

(Pidgeot keeps attacking. Ryhorn keeps his ground.)

Marc: Now try gust it can’t hold its ground forever!

(Pidgeot keeps trying but it is useless.)

Marc’s thoughts: Why is this not working?

(PIdgeot stops and collapses on the ground but has not fainted yet.)

Akshay: Alright now’s our chance use horn drill!

(It’s a direct hit and Pidgeot faints.)

Pidgeot: Pidgeot.

Marc: PIdgeot return.

(Pidgeot gets recalled.)

(A man hiding behind a tree is spying on Akshay and Marc’s battle.)

???: That Ryhorn of his Is a sturdy one.

???’s thoughts: I’ll wait ‘til Ryhorn is weak enough then I’ll take it!

Akshay: Good Job Ryhorn! Do you wanna keep fighting?

(Ryhorn nods.)

Marc’s thoughts: This Ryhorn is sturdy maybe my secret weapon will help.

Marc: Go Blastoise!

Akshay: Him? Already? Whatever Ryhorn use horn drill!

(Ryhorn strikes Blastoise but it only dents his shell.)

Marc: Blastoise use Aqua Jet!

(It’s super effective. )

Akshay: Ryhorn are you okay?

(Ryhorn nods.)

Akshay: Use Tackle.

(It hardly does anything.)

Marc: Mega Punch!

(Super effective.)

???: That Ryhorn is so sturdy to withstand such powerful attacks.

Marc: Alright time for my secret weapon!

(Marc shows his mega ring and Blastoise turns into Mega Blastoise.)

Akshay: Oh my.

Akshay’s thoughts: Last time this happened Charizard was in the poke center for days.

Akshay: Ryhorn do you want a break?

(Ryhorn shakes his head no.)

Akshay: If you say so, Ryhorn use tackle!

(Ryhorn tackles Mega Blastoise but not even a scratch on him.)

Marc: Use hydro pump!

(Mega Blastoise uses hydro pump and it makes Ryhorn faint.)

???: Go steal ball! (The steal ball is like a poke ball just all black and has じゃあくon it which means evil in Japanese.)

(Ryhorn goes into the steal ball and ??? picks it up.)

Akshay: How is that possible? It’s impossible to capture an owned pokemon.

???: Were you not listening I said it’s a STEAL ball!

Akshay: Oh, anyways, give me back my ryhorn!

???: No thank you.

Akshay: Send it out right now!

???: Okay.

(Ryhorn comes out. But has red eyes now.)

Akshay: Ryhorn return.

(Ryhorn can’t be recalled.)

???: Ryhorn use tackle.

(Ryhorn tackles Akshay into a wall.)

Marc: Akshay!

(Marc rushes to Akshay’s aid.)

Marc: Are you okay?

Akshay: I think so but I don’t get why Ryhorn would do that.

???: You fool! This aint your Ryhorn anymore, also the steal ball makes it forget about its past owner entirely.

(Akshay stands up with Marc’s help.)

Akshay: Thanks Marc.

???: Now I’ll take your Blastoise!





Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Stats Update!

At the end of March I said we need to get at least 170 pageviews a week to surpass the viewcount. On the first da I did horrible I got only 9 but the following days were well in the 60's. Mainly thanks to my British viewers. Thanks Brits! Right now we have gotten 230 views altogether! That happened in one week, which is truly amazing. If you guys can keep that at around that level I should be able to surpass last month in three weeks like I did last month. I already have a third of what I need so let's keep going! I'm counting on you guys! Also the next part of my pokemon fanfiction will be up in about a week.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Notice anything different about this blog?

Yesterday this blog changed. It was only a minor change but to me and hopefully to you a cool one. Any guesses? The title changed! My blog still says A Day With Akshay but there's more now. Now it says A Day With Akshay アクシェイとの1日.That's right I have it written  in both English and Japanese! How cool is that?! Who's foreigner friendly? This guy! I will put this in other languages one day but for right now this'll have to do. Just thought I would tell you incase you didn't notice.

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 94! + an update

Today's word of the day is じぶんどりjibun dori.

This translates to picture that is taken by oneself. Or in my American slang a selfie!

Other news:

I would like to thank the British. Because I  got a huge amount of views so far today from England alone.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 93!

Today's word of the day is a name. My name to be exact. In Japanese my name is アクシェイakushei.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 92!

Today's word of the day is まってmatte. Matte means wait.

Like in chotto matte kudasai from a long time ago I said.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Final Announcement for this months stats! + Predictons!

There is only a few hours left before this month officially ends. So I'll talk about this now because I might not have time tomorrow. This month I received a tremendous amount of growth, mainly coming from The United States, Japan and Russia. That's amazing! It only took three weeks to surpass my goal. s of right now In March we got 662 views altogether. This also marks the first time in a year that my blog has gone through two straight months of good progress. That's great!

But I also have bad news. I predict a huge downfall in views next month. It's happened on my blog all the time  But any person in the world wouldn't want that. So we need an increase of daily views. How much exactly? Well I did the math and the daily viewing only needs to increase by like 10 on an average. That's all! I just need you to share this blog all over the web in hope that it'll raise my views even if it is just by 10. I know we can do it!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Where did my other kinds of posts go?!

Almost daily I put up The Japanese Word of The Day posts. Those are the three s's. Short, Simple and Straightforward. But those weren't the only things I put on my blog. I once put anime scripts on here and movie reviews. Some of you are probably wondering where did those go? The reviews are still up but most of the scripts have disappeared. I did that to show I'm restarting it with a bunch of new stuff. I posted Part 1 of my fanfiction for pokemon. But there's a lot more ideas I'm working on. As for my reviews, I haven't seen many movies lately so there was no way I could do it. But I promise you once I find a good movie I'll start reviewing things like never before!

To my fans that have been here since the beginning: I have not given up on anything for a moment!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My prediction was correct!

I predicted my monthly viewcount would surpass November 2013 with a week left in March. And that's exactly what happened at 8:30 am. With a week left there's o much groth thank you everybody! Let's not stop now let's surpass the next viewcount. Which is at 513 pageviews. We are only 12 views from surpassing that I am not joking so keep on viewing folks!

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 91!

Today's word of the day is くつろいでいるkutsuroideiru. This means relaxed.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 89!

Today's word of the day is アニメanime. Anime in English is animation. But the word is called anime when referring to Japanese cartoons.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My next stats update! + goals

Hey everybody something awesome happened yesterday. I decided to wait today to post it. In less than 3 weeks this blog surpassed my last monthly view count. In other words I got more views now then I did last month. We have 10 days left and I surpassed the views for February 2014. So now I want to beat my November 2013 view count. I only need to get 50 more views to do this. We have 10 days to do this. So please keep viewing my blog, go crazy. Get me the 50 views I need!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My pokemon fanfiction part 1!

This is the first part of my pokemon fanfiction please tell me what you think of it.

Narrator: It’s a great day in Luminose city. Everyone is so happy and playing with pokemon, and it looks like Akshay is heading to Professor Sycamore’s lab.

Akshya: Hey Professor Sycamore!

Sycamore: I’ll be right there.

(He comes to the door to greet Akshay.)

Sycamore: Hello Akshay.

Akshay: I came to give you this gardevoirite.

(Akshay holds it out.)

Sycamore: Where did you get this?

Akshay: It came with the Ralts I got from Diantha.

Sycamore: Oh I see.

Akshay: Since you like to study Mega Evolution I thought I should give this to you to examine.

 Sycamore: Why thank you Akshay I’ll take this now.

(Sycamore grabs the gardevoirite from Akshay’s had.)

Sycamore: I’ll give this back as soon as I’m done with it.

 (Sycamore leaves but then realizes he needs to come back.)

Sycamore: Akshay wait!

Akshay: Is there something you need?

Sycamore: Yeah do you have an actual Gardevoir?

Akshay: Actually I do.

(Akshay sends out his Gardevoir.)

Sycamore: If you don’t mind I would like to examine Gardevoir before and after mega evolution.

Akshay: Sure!

Sycamore: By the way do you want me to give you your competitive team.

Akshay: I don’t need it at the moment but sure.

(Sycamore goes and gets the pokeballs of his competitive team.)

Akshay: Thank you.

Sycamore: So, what do you plan to do now?

Akshay; I’m going home for a break from traveling.

Sycamore: Breaks are nice.

Akshay: Well I’ll see you later.

Sycamore: Bye.

Akshay: Bye.

(Akshay leaves the lab and sends out his Charizard.)

Akshay: Go Charizard!

Charizard: Rah!

(Let’s go home boy.)

(Akshay gets on Charizard’s back and flies away.)

(Inside the lab.)

Sycamore: Now I should put Gardevoir in the yard with the rest of Akshay’s pokemon.

(Sycamore goes t the yard and throws out Gardevoir.)

Sycamore: Gardevoir I will need you in a moment so please relax in the meantime.

(Sycamore leaves and Gardevoir starts to socialize with the other pokemon. In the background there is a hidden camera.)

(Now we see a man and his assistant looking through the camera in his secret lair.)

Assistant: Are you watching that Akshay kid’s pokemon again?

Mr. Aku: Have I ever told you why I spy on these pokemon?

Assistnt: Because you want to steal them.

Mr. Aku: Have I ever told you why?

Assistant: No sir.

Mr. Aku: As you know Dr. Jaaku has been working on technology for months now that can increase the stats of a pokemon by 120%.

Assistant: And?

Mr. Aku: And this boy has some pretty powerful pokemon he is the champion of Kalos after all. He also has a few mega stones and Dr. Jaaku is also working on the technology to triple the power of a mega stone.

Assistant: I did not know that!

Mr. Aku: If I can get these pokemon then I’ll steal the strongest member of each trainer’s party. Then I will use all the pokemon to rule all of Kalos, and then the world!

Assistant: Oh I see this is a step in your plan.

Mr. Aku: Yes, and we will begin the next step very soon.

(The next scene is Akshay flying through the sky with his Charizard.)

Akshay: Charizard go down there.

(Charizard flies down there and they reach Vaniville Town.)

Akshay: It’s been a while since I been here.

(Akshay knocks on the door.)

Akshay: I’m home!

Akshay’s Mom: Hey, welcome hoe sweetie.

(They hug.)

Akshay: Am I smelling your delicious cooking over there?

Akshay’s Mom: Yep.

(Akshay walks over to it.)

Akshay’s Mom: Don’t eat yet it’s not dinner time!

Akshay: Darn!

Akshay’s Mom: Why don’t you head upstairs and I’ll call you down when it’s time?

Akshay: Okay.

(Akshay heads upstairs with Charizrd.)

Akshay: I haven’t been home in a while, I wonder how Connor is doing?

(Charizard is clueless on Connor.)

Akshay: The guy with the Blastoise.

(Charizard roars with anger.)

Akshay: Now you remember.

Akshay’s Mom: Honey dinner’s ready.

Akshay: Awesome let’s go Charizard!

(They go downstairs to eat dinner.)

Akshay: Food.

(Akshay sits down and eats the food.)

Akshay’s Mom: Here Charizard have some of my nice pokemon food.

(She puts down the bowl and Charizard munches away.)

(Akshay’s Mom looks at how fast Charizard and Akshay are eating.)

Akshay’s Mom: Like Trainer, like Pokemon.

(When they are finished eating someone knocks on their door.)

Akshay’s Mom: I wonder who that could be?

(She opens the door and Marc appears.)

Akshay: Marc.

Marc: Akshay, I saw you fly in here on your Charizard. It’s time for a rematch!

Akshay I never say no to a pokemon battle.

(They step outside.)

Akshay’s Mom: Can that boy go one day without a fight?

Marc: This’ll go down right here right now, and it’s a 3 on 3 battle. Got it?

Akshay: Yep.

Marc: Alright! Pidgeot let’s go!

(He sends out Pidgeot.)
I hoped you liked Part 1 Part 2 will be when I start the real awesomeness to it.

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 88!

Today's word of the day is くださいkudasai. Kudasai is a way of saying please.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What my stats are currently acheiving.

Here is another blog post about stats. I want to say thank you in two weeks I achieved a great amount of views. And it's all thanks to you. If I get 23 more views I will beat my January 2014 view count and be like 100 views from beating the February 2014 view count. I have great plans for the future of this blog. I have finished the first part of the pokemon fanfiction I promised and I'm working on Chapter 3 of Castle also I recently made a new manga/anime script in my head and soon it'll be on paper. I promise to keep on posting as much as I can. I will post my pokemon fanfiction soon I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 87!

Today's word of the day is くそkuso. I told you kuso meant shit but it can also be used as damn.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 86!

Today's word of the day is pretty offensive. It is きさまkisama.

Kisama is a pronoun for you. So where's the offensiveness. Well it translates to you motherfucker!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 85!

When you think of me you probably think I'm polite and will never be mean. I'm constantly asked in life do you ever swear? I don't often but sometimes you just gotta. That gave me an idea. Starting today I am going to teach you how to swear in Japanese. Who knows maybe it'll be useful to you  on your next trip to Japan.

Today's word of the day is くそkuso. This means shit.

Alright until next time, bye.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 84!

Today's word of the day is ばかbaka. Baka means idiot. This is a word you probably wouldn't hear as much in real Japan as you would in anime Japan.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 83!

Today's word of the day is ブリーチburichi. That means Bleach in Japanese.

By bleach I don't mean the thing you put in a washing machine I'm talking about the super cool anime/manga series!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another update on stats!

As of last night my monthly view count for March is a fourth of what it was of February. We are only a week in to this month with shows promise. If we keep this up we will most likely reach what we got last month. Which is okay, but let's shoot for higher. Remember tell people about my blog share t across the web. Help me make this blog amazing!

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 82!

Today's word of the day is かわいいkawaii. This word means cute.

Expect to use this word all the time in Japan.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 81!

Today's word of the day is かっこいいkakkoii. This word means cool.

All you viewers are extremely かっこいい。

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Japanese Word of THe Day! Day 80!

Today's word of the day is 富士山Fujisan. This translates to Mt.Fuji. It is the most popular mountain in japan, it's also a dormant volcano that can become active any moment. It is the biggest mountain on Honshu island and I think all of Japan. If you're Japanese you can correct me on that.

My pokemon fanfiction!

This will not go on my fanfiction account mainly because I forgot my password. But this will go on my blog. It will be about this evil guy in Kalos trying to take it over. And how does he do that by stealing all of my pokemon. That's right I will be in it. I'll probably add some friends of mine in real life who like pokemon two.

So in short the plot is  evil guy steals pokemon tries to take over Kalos. Got it? Okay!

If you want to be in it tell me in the comments and what you have in your Kalos region party.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Japanese Word of The Day! Day 79!

Today's word of the day is ポケモンpokemon. Pokémon in English is Pokemon  just a different pronunciation. 

Pokémon is a gaming/anime/card game/manga franchise.

Right now I am writing a fanfiction of this series just for fun. I will tell you more about that later but for right now bye!


Friday, February 28, 2014

My stats so far!

Today the month ends, so my monthly view count ends today. A new one is going to be started as you could probably figure out. So right now I want to tell you how my stats have gone so far. My views are actually very predictable. Very rarely it goes up or down many days in a row. The last two weeks are that exception. I've grown a lot. Thanks everyone! This is the first month in a while where my monthly view count actually grew. ありがとう! That means thanks. Now I'm about to tell you my view goal. I want to top my peak which is at 1,397! We are very far away from that. I will post many anime/manga scripts as soon as I get over this writer's block funk! And also post everything I usually do. And remember everyone tell people about my blog! Share it on facebook,twitter, google+,
etc. Even telling people in real life helps. Help me spread this blog all over the world! That is my dream. Will you help me?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

城第二章 Castle Chapter Two

There will be a 日本語Japanese version of this in the 未来future. It will start out with partial 翻訳translation but will get more and more in the 未来future.

みなさんこんばんは!or Good Evening Everyone! This is chapter two of Castle I hope you like it please tell me in the comment section. Also important news at the end.

Captain: If yee want to be pirate your gonna have to past the test.

Sam: Bring it on.

Captain: Okay take this.

(The captain gives him a sword then all the pirates besides the captain take out their swords.)

Pirate Crew: Argh!

Captain: A pirate es good with thee sword.

(Different scene but same person talking.)

Captain: Everyone attack the boy!

(The pirates start sword fighting with Sam.) Akshay’s Note: This will not be in one scene if you can draw this huge sword fight in a bunch of scenes. Maybe he’s going head to head with a pirate in one of them, a pirate could sneak up behind Sam.  It’s your choice. I recommend as many scenes as possible.

Sam: Man this is difficult!

(Sam keeps trying and eventually gets the swords knocked out of the pirates’ hands.) Akshay’s Note: Remember these scenes can’t be a quick and easy scene this has to be average length and hard for Sam to do.

Sam: I did it.

Captain: Argh! You be mighty strong!

Sam: Uh thanks.

Captain: Now it’s time to face me.

Sam: Bring it.

(Sam starts sword fighting.)

(This doesn’t take place on one spot, the two will move around a lot.)

Akshay’s Note: Some scenes on the pirate ship, some on the ground the order of it all will be shown below:

Sam: This is fun.

Captain: I agree ladi.

 Sam: You know I won’t lose right?

Captain: We’ll see ‘bout that.

(Sam and the captain start running all around the area while sword fighting.)

Sam: Hiyah!

Captain: Argh!

Sam’s thoughts: Man, this guy is tougher than I thought.

Captain’s thoughts: A lad like this should’ve given up by now.

Captain: Ready to surrinder ladi.

Sam: Not a chance!

(Sam’s eyes are filled with a passionate look he will not surrender.)

(They keep going all over the place with very serious faces while sword fighting.)

Captain: Enough!

(The captain swings his sword and knocks Sam’s sword out of his hand.)

(Sam runs for it but Captain gets in front of him.)

Captain: Nowhere to run.

(The captain punches Sam which knocks him on the ground. And Captain waves his sword at Sam’s face.)

Captain: Give up?

Sam: No.

(The captain looks strangely at Sam.)

Sam: I will never give up.

(Sam stands back up.)

Captain: Okay…

(Captain pauses for a moment.) Akshay’s Note: Make his next line in a different panel.

Captain: It’s over for ya lad!

(Sam manages to slide past him and reclaims his sword.)

Sam: It’s over for you!

(Sam and Captain start to sword fight again Captain is on the defensive but Sam is full on attack.)

Captain: Just give up.

Sam: I will not give up!

(Captain punches Sam in the stomach.)

Sam: Ow!

(Captain pushes Sam on the ground. He then puts his sword towards Sam’s face.)

Sam: Oh no.

Captain: Give up?

Sam: Absolutely not!

(Sam pushes the sword away picks up his sword and stands up.)

Captain: You show great courage and strength…

(Captain pauses for a moment.)

Captain: You passed.

Sam: Yes.

Captain: Now time for the second part.

Sam: Darn it!

Captain: Come with me.

(Sam and Captain go find a person.)

Captain: Ladi I need you to steal that woman’s food.

Sam: Why?

Captain: That’s what pirates do.

(Sam steals the woman’s food and eats it without her finding out he took it.)

Captain: Good job now go get the crew some food.

Sam: Got it.

(Sam goes around stealing food, sometimes fighting for it. And after about twenty times he brings the food to the crew.)

(The crew eats the food in the pirate ship.)

Captain: Alright boy you did a good job. Now time for thee final part of the test.

Sam: Okay now what?

Captain: You will have to take the treasure from our rival pirate gang.

Sam: Alright where are they?

Captain: You’ll see.

(The pirate crew gets ready to set sail.)

Captain: Alright! Go!

(The ship set sails. They search far and wide and they find what they’re looking for.)

Captain: Ya see that lad  I need ya to get over there and steal all the gold!

Sam: How do I get across the water?

Captain: Leave that to me.

(The pirate ship steers itself into the other pirate ship.)

Enemy Captain: We’ve been hit!

(The pirates board the enemy ship and start sword fighting all around.)

Sam’s thoughts: Where is the treasure? Maybe it’s over there.

(Sam goes over to a door and tries to open it.)

Sam: Darn it it’s locked!

(Sam decides to break open the door with brute force.)

Sam: Okay now where do I go?

(Pirates are in his way now.)

Pirate 1: You aren’t gettin our treasure.

Pirate 2: Yeah!

(Sam takes out his sword and the pirates start sword fighting and Sam wins.)

Pirate 1: Okay goodbye.

Pirate: Bye.

(The pirates run away in fear.)

Sam: Alright.

(Sam searches around finds a door.)

Sam: A door!

(Sam walks over to the door and opens it to find treasure and the enemy captain.)

Enemy Captain: What’re you doing here kid?

Sam: I’m here to take your treasure.

(The enemy captain laughs.)

Enemy Captain: Do you really think you can take me treasure.

Sam: Yes.

Enemy Captain: Well you’ll have to fight me for it.

(The two start sword fighting.)

Enemy Captain: This is ridiculous you’re a kid!

 Sam: Shut up!

(The fight goes on and on.)

Sam’s thoughts: This is gonna take a while isn’t it?

(Sam punches the enemy captain in the stomach.)

(He doesn’t get hurt.)

Sam: But how?

Enemy Captain: I got abs of steel me boy.

(They continue to sword fight.)

(The enemy captain knocks Sam’s sword across the room with his sword.)

Sam: Oh no!

(An enemy pirate walks in and picks up Sam’s sword.)

Enemy Captain: Nowhere to run ladi.

(Sam punches the enemy captain in the face.)

Enemy Captain: That tickled. Hiyah!

(He swings his sword at Sam but luckily Sam dodges.)

Enemy Captain: don’t you just stand there fool attack!

(The enemy pirate on the other side of the room starts to attack Sam.)

Sam: That is it!

(Sam knocks that pirate unconscious, takes back his sword and starts to sword fight with the enemy captain.)

Enemy Captain’s thoughts: That look in his eye, it’s scary!

Enemy Captain: Okay okay just take the treasure just leave me alone.

(The enemy captain runs away like a little scaredy cat.)

Sam: Yes!

(The pirate crew on Sam’s side defeats all the other pirates and Sam loads all the treasure onto his captain’s pirate ship.)

(They sail away.)

Captain: You did it ladi! Good job!

Sam: Am I in now?

Captain; Argh! Ofcourse welcome to our pirate crew!

(All the pirates including Sam scream “Argh!”)

My important news is right now I'm trying to come up with ideas for a new anime/manga. I have some writer's block but when I overcome it I will post a bunch of different stories on here. Not just one idea but lots of them. That is if I can figure out the story of them.

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I have good news

As of a few hours ago I have surpassed my goal for this month. I want to thank all of you have viewed my blog so far this month. I tried really hard to make sure my views wouldn't decline anymore. Thank you for cooperating. Remember keep viewing my blog as new posts come on I'll try getting more and more up. I'll even blog about my stats(views) for this blog from time to time. Thank you and でわまた! or See you later!

I am almost there!

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I almost reached my goal!

I've never told you guys this, probably should have? I have goals for my monthly view count. Every month blogger shows me how many people view my blog. I've set goals for this. My goal is to reach my peak monthly view rate one day. But sadly my views have been in decline lately. So my current goal is to stop the decline. I only need 20 more views to stop my decline. So I ask you all to spread my blog all over google+. Thanks and goodbye.

Japanee Word of The Day! Day 78!

Today's word of the day is actually a sentence. But that's not all I just learned this.

Today's word of the day is どこかれきましたか?Doko kara kimashita ka? This means where are you from? 
Whenever I ask my Japanese friends this question they're like "Japan! Where else would I be from?" Of course they say it in Japanese.


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Japanese Word of The Day! Day 77!

Today's word of the day 木曜日mokuyobi. Does anyone know what this means? I'll give you a hint it's a day of the week. The answer is Thursday.

Today is 木曜日。

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Japanese word of the Day! Day 76!

Today's word of the day is ドラゴンボールdoragonboru. This is one of the most popular anime/manga series in the world. Any guesses? If you haven't figured it out it's Dragon Ball!

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Japanese Word of the Day! Day 75!

Today's word of the day is なんじですか? That means what time is it.

Does anyone out there know how to say the time of day in Japanese?

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Japanese Word of the Day! Day 74!

Today's word of the day is よんで yomu. The translation for that is read.

Ex: I have to よんで for school all the time, especially in English class.

Castle Chapter 1 城の第1章 or第一章

There will be a 日本語Japanese version of this in the 未来future. It will start out with partial 翻訳translation but will get more and more in the 未来future.

(We see Sam as a little boy, about 6 or 7, doing chores on the farm.)

Sam: Man this is so much work.

Sam’s Dad: Quit complaining! Farm work is farm work!

(Sam starts to do his farm work again in one image he’s collecting eggs, in one he's taking care of the horses.)

Sam: this is so much work!

(They day ends and Sam could not be happier.)

Sam: Oh god I am so glad this day is over.

(He goes through another day of work.)

(Sam collapses on the ground during the middle of the day.)

Sam: This is too much!

Sam’s sister: Quit complaining and get to work.

(Sam’s sister starts kicking him in the head. Sam sadly has a short temper and gets up and punches her.)

Sam’s sister: Daddy he hit me!

(She runs to Dad.)

Sam’s sister: Sam is being a jerk again!

(Sam gets yelled at by his father.)

(A bunch of farm work later they all gather at a table and eat food.)

Sam: Why is farm work so hard?!

Sam’s Dad: You should stop complaining, you’re going to be doing this for the rest of your life.

(He says right before shoving haka noodles in his mouth.)

Sam: But I don’t want to.

Sam’s Dad: Keep talking like that and I’ll triple your work!

(Sam shuts his mouth for the rest of dinner then goes to his room at the end of it.)

Sam: I can’t believe I have to do this for the rest of my life. It’s so unfair other kids get to play and do everything they want but for me it’s work 24/7. (Sam starts to look angry.) You know what I’m tired of it all! Tonight is the last, I’m running away!

(Sam randomly grabs food and stuff he’ll need to survive, shoves it in a backpack and runs away.)

Sam’s thoughts: I’m sorry mom and dad but I can’t live like this.

(He leaves the farm forever!)

(He just keeps on going no looking back. He finds himself sleeping in a random area in the morning.)

Sam: I wonder where I should go now?

(Sam just starts walking around being bored and tired.)

(He soon finds a spot near the beach and decides to sit down and eat lunch.)

Sam: Alright time to eat.

(Sam takes out a sandwich and is about to take a big bite into it when it just suddenly got stolen!)

Sam: My sandwich!

(He looks around and sees a man running with his sandwich.)

Sam: Hey get back here!

(He chases the man and Sam figures out he’s chasing an actual pirate!)

Sam: Give me back my sandwich!

(Sam catches up to him and trips him.)

Pirate: Ow!

(Sam takes his sandwich from the pirate.)

(Sam takes the pirate back to where his stuff was.)

Sam: Alright who are you and what are you doing here?

Pirate: I will not tell you my name but I came to get food for me crew.

 Sam: Get out of here.

Pirate: But I don’t want to.

Sam: I said leave!

Pirate: I like that look in your eye come with me kid.

(Sam follows the pirate back to his ship.)

Sam: Alright what’s the big idea bringing me here?

Pirate: Now!

(A bunch of pirates come out of the ship.)

Pirate: Cap’in sir I think we got ourselves a new recruit.

(The captain walks towards Sam.)

Captain: Why did you bring this child here?

Pirate: I think this boy will make a good pirate Cap’in.

Captain: Oh really, hey kid do you wanna be a pirate?

Sam: I got nothing better to do.

Captain: First you must pass the test.

Sam: Whatever it shouldn’t be too hard.
Captain: Then yer in for a surprise boy.

I know this wasn't the best but the next chapter will be much greater.