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Monday, February 17, 2014

Castle Chapter 1 城の第1章 or第一章

There will be a 日本語Japanese version of this in the 未来future. It will start out with partial 翻訳translation but will get more and more in the 未来future.

(We see Sam as a little boy, about 6 or 7, doing chores on the farm.)

Sam: Man this is so much work.

Sam’s Dad: Quit complaining! Farm work is farm work!

(Sam starts to do his farm work again in one image he’s collecting eggs, in one he's taking care of the horses.)

Sam: this is so much work!

(They day ends and Sam could not be happier.)

Sam: Oh god I am so glad this day is over.

(He goes through another day of work.)

(Sam collapses on the ground during the middle of the day.)

Sam: This is too much!

Sam’s sister: Quit complaining and get to work.

(Sam’s sister starts kicking him in the head. Sam sadly has a short temper and gets up and punches her.)

Sam’s sister: Daddy he hit me!

(She runs to Dad.)

Sam’s sister: Sam is being a jerk again!

(Sam gets yelled at by his father.)

(A bunch of farm work later they all gather at a table and eat food.)

Sam: Why is farm work so hard?!

Sam’s Dad: You should stop complaining, you’re going to be doing this for the rest of your life.

(He says right before shoving haka noodles in his mouth.)

Sam: But I don’t want to.

Sam’s Dad: Keep talking like that and I’ll triple your work!

(Sam shuts his mouth for the rest of dinner then goes to his room at the end of it.)

Sam: I can’t believe I have to do this for the rest of my life. It’s so unfair other kids get to play and do everything they want but for me it’s work 24/7. (Sam starts to look angry.) You know what I’m tired of it all! Tonight is the last, I’m running away!

(Sam randomly grabs food and stuff he’ll need to survive, shoves it in a backpack and runs away.)

Sam’s thoughts: I’m sorry mom and dad but I can’t live like this.

(He leaves the farm forever!)

(He just keeps on going no looking back. He finds himself sleeping in a random area in the morning.)

Sam: I wonder where I should go now?

(Sam just starts walking around being bored and tired.)

(He soon finds a spot near the beach and decides to sit down and eat lunch.)

Sam: Alright time to eat.

(Sam takes out a sandwich and is about to take a big bite into it when it just suddenly got stolen!)

Sam: My sandwich!

(He looks around and sees a man running with his sandwich.)

Sam: Hey get back here!

(He chases the man and Sam figures out he’s chasing an actual pirate!)

Sam: Give me back my sandwich!

(Sam catches up to him and trips him.)

Pirate: Ow!

(Sam takes his sandwich from the pirate.)

(Sam takes the pirate back to where his stuff was.)

Sam: Alright who are you and what are you doing here?

Pirate: I will not tell you my name but I came to get food for me crew.

 Sam: Get out of here.

Pirate: But I don’t want to.

Sam: I said leave!

Pirate: I like that look in your eye come with me kid.

(Sam follows the pirate back to his ship.)

Sam: Alright what’s the big idea bringing me here?

Pirate: Now!

(A bunch of pirates come out of the ship.)

Pirate: Cap’in sir I think we got ourselves a new recruit.

(The captain walks towards Sam.)

Captain: Why did you bring this child here?

Pirate: I think this boy will make a good pirate Cap’in.

Captain: Oh really, hey kid do you wanna be a pirate?

Sam: I got nothing better to do.

Captain: First you must pass the test.

Sam: Whatever it shouldn’t be too hard.
Captain: Then yer in for a surprise boy.

I know this wasn't the best but the next chapter will be much greater.