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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

城第二章 Castle Chapter Two

There will be a 日本語Japanese version of this in the 未来future. It will start out with partial 翻訳translation but will get more and more in the 未来future.

みなさんこんばんは!or Good Evening Everyone! This is chapter two of Castle I hope you like it please tell me in the comment section. Also important news at the end.

Captain: If yee want to be pirate your gonna have to past the test.

Sam: Bring it on.

Captain: Okay take this.

(The captain gives him a sword then all the pirates besides the captain take out their swords.)

Pirate Crew: Argh!

Captain: A pirate es good with thee sword.

(Different scene but same person talking.)

Captain: Everyone attack the boy!

(The pirates start sword fighting with Sam.) Akshay’s Note: This will not be in one scene if you can draw this huge sword fight in a bunch of scenes. Maybe he’s going head to head with a pirate in one of them, a pirate could sneak up behind Sam.  It’s your choice. I recommend as many scenes as possible.

Sam: Man this is difficult!

(Sam keeps trying and eventually gets the swords knocked out of the pirates’ hands.) Akshay’s Note: Remember these scenes can’t be a quick and easy scene this has to be average length and hard for Sam to do.

Sam: I did it.

Captain: Argh! You be mighty strong!

Sam: Uh thanks.

Captain: Now it’s time to face me.

Sam: Bring it.

(Sam starts sword fighting.)

(This doesn’t take place on one spot, the two will move around a lot.)

Akshay’s Note: Some scenes on the pirate ship, some on the ground the order of it all will be shown below:

Sam: This is fun.

Captain: I agree ladi.

 Sam: You know I won’t lose right?

Captain: We’ll see ‘bout that.

(Sam and the captain start running all around the area while sword fighting.)

Sam: Hiyah!

Captain: Argh!

Sam’s thoughts: Man, this guy is tougher than I thought.

Captain’s thoughts: A lad like this should’ve given up by now.

Captain: Ready to surrinder ladi.

Sam: Not a chance!

(Sam’s eyes are filled with a passionate look he will not surrender.)

(They keep going all over the place with very serious faces while sword fighting.)

Captain: Enough!

(The captain swings his sword and knocks Sam’s sword out of his hand.)

(Sam runs for it but Captain gets in front of him.)

Captain: Nowhere to run.

(The captain punches Sam which knocks him on the ground. And Captain waves his sword at Sam’s face.)

Captain: Give up?

Sam: No.

(The captain looks strangely at Sam.)

Sam: I will never give up.

(Sam stands back up.)

Captain: Okay…

(Captain pauses for a moment.) Akshay’s Note: Make his next line in a different panel.

Captain: It’s over for ya lad!

(Sam manages to slide past him and reclaims his sword.)

Sam: It’s over for you!

(Sam and Captain start to sword fight again Captain is on the defensive but Sam is full on attack.)

Captain: Just give up.

Sam: I will not give up!

(Captain punches Sam in the stomach.)

Sam: Ow!

(Captain pushes Sam on the ground. He then puts his sword towards Sam’s face.)

Sam: Oh no.

Captain: Give up?

Sam: Absolutely not!

(Sam pushes the sword away picks up his sword and stands up.)

Captain: You show great courage and strength…

(Captain pauses for a moment.)

Captain: You passed.

Sam: Yes.

Captain: Now time for the second part.

Sam: Darn it!

Captain: Come with me.

(Sam and Captain go find a person.)

Captain: Ladi I need you to steal that woman’s food.

Sam: Why?

Captain: That’s what pirates do.

(Sam steals the woman’s food and eats it without her finding out he took it.)

Captain: Good job now go get the crew some food.

Sam: Got it.

(Sam goes around stealing food, sometimes fighting for it. And after about twenty times he brings the food to the crew.)

(The crew eats the food in the pirate ship.)

Captain: Alright boy you did a good job. Now time for thee final part of the test.

Sam: Okay now what?

Captain: You will have to take the treasure from our rival pirate gang.

Sam: Alright where are they?

Captain: You’ll see.

(The pirate crew gets ready to set sail.)

Captain: Alright! Go!

(The ship set sails. They search far and wide and they find what they’re looking for.)

Captain: Ya see that lad  I need ya to get over there and steal all the gold!

Sam: How do I get across the water?

Captain: Leave that to me.

(The pirate ship steers itself into the other pirate ship.)

Enemy Captain: We’ve been hit!

(The pirates board the enemy ship and start sword fighting all around.)

Sam’s thoughts: Where is the treasure? Maybe it’s over there.

(Sam goes over to a door and tries to open it.)

Sam: Darn it it’s locked!

(Sam decides to break open the door with brute force.)

Sam: Okay now where do I go?

(Pirates are in his way now.)

Pirate 1: You aren’t gettin our treasure.

Pirate 2: Yeah!

(Sam takes out his sword and the pirates start sword fighting and Sam wins.)

Pirate 1: Okay goodbye.

Pirate: Bye.

(The pirates run away in fear.)

Sam: Alright.

(Sam searches around finds a door.)

Sam: A door!

(Sam walks over to the door and opens it to find treasure and the enemy captain.)

Enemy Captain: What’re you doing here kid?

Sam: I’m here to take your treasure.

(The enemy captain laughs.)

Enemy Captain: Do you really think you can take me treasure.

Sam: Yes.

Enemy Captain: Well you’ll have to fight me for it.

(The two start sword fighting.)

Enemy Captain: This is ridiculous you’re a kid!

 Sam: Shut up!

(The fight goes on and on.)

Sam’s thoughts: This is gonna take a while isn’t it?

(Sam punches the enemy captain in the stomach.)

(He doesn’t get hurt.)

Sam: But how?

Enemy Captain: I got abs of steel me boy.

(They continue to sword fight.)

(The enemy captain knocks Sam’s sword across the room with his sword.)

Sam: Oh no!

(An enemy pirate walks in and picks up Sam’s sword.)

Enemy Captain: Nowhere to run ladi.

(Sam punches the enemy captain in the face.)

Enemy Captain: That tickled. Hiyah!

(He swings his sword at Sam but luckily Sam dodges.)

Enemy Captain: don’t you just stand there fool attack!

(The enemy pirate on the other side of the room starts to attack Sam.)

Sam: That is it!

(Sam knocks that pirate unconscious, takes back his sword and starts to sword fight with the enemy captain.)

Enemy Captain’s thoughts: That look in his eye, it’s scary!

Enemy Captain: Okay okay just take the treasure just leave me alone.

(The enemy captain runs away like a little scaredy cat.)

Sam: Yes!

(The pirate crew on Sam’s side defeats all the other pirates and Sam loads all the treasure onto his captain’s pirate ship.)

(They sail away.)

Captain: You did it ladi! Good job!

Sam: Am I in now?

Captain; Argh! Ofcourse welcome to our pirate crew!

(All the pirates including Sam scream “Argh!”)

My important news is right now I'm trying to come up with ideas for a new anime/manga. I have some writer's block but when I overcome it I will post a bunch of different stories on here. Not just one idea but lots of them. That is if I can figure out the story of them.