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Friday, February 28, 2014

My stats so far!

Today the month ends, so my monthly view count ends today. A new one is going to be started as you could probably figure out. So right now I want to tell you how my stats have gone so far. My views are actually very predictable. Very rarely it goes up or down many days in a row. The last two weeks are that exception. I've grown a lot. Thanks everyone! This is the first month in a while where my monthly view count actually grew. ありがとう! That means thanks. Now I'm about to tell you my view goal. I want to top my peak which is at 1,397! We are very far away from that. I will post many anime/manga scripts as soon as I get over this writer's block funk! And also post everything I usually do. And remember everyone tell people about my blog! Share it on facebook,twitter, google+,
etc. Even telling people in real life helps. Help me spread this blog all over the world! That is my dream. Will you help me?