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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My pokemon fanfiction part 1!

This is the first part of my pokemon fanfiction please tell me what you think of it.

Narrator: It’s a great day in Luminose city. Everyone is so happy and playing with pokemon, and it looks like Akshay is heading to Professor Sycamore’s lab.

Akshya: Hey Professor Sycamore!

Sycamore: I’ll be right there.

(He comes to the door to greet Akshay.)

Sycamore: Hello Akshay.

Akshay: I came to give you this gardevoirite.

(Akshay holds it out.)

Sycamore: Where did you get this?

Akshay: It came with the Ralts I got from Diantha.

Sycamore: Oh I see.

Akshay: Since you like to study Mega Evolution I thought I should give this to you to examine.

 Sycamore: Why thank you Akshay I’ll take this now.

(Sycamore grabs the gardevoirite from Akshay’s had.)

Sycamore: I’ll give this back as soon as I’m done with it.

 (Sycamore leaves but then realizes he needs to come back.)

Sycamore: Akshay wait!

Akshay: Is there something you need?

Sycamore: Yeah do you have an actual Gardevoir?

Akshay: Actually I do.

(Akshay sends out his Gardevoir.)

Sycamore: If you don’t mind I would like to examine Gardevoir before and after mega evolution.

Akshay: Sure!

Sycamore: By the way do you want me to give you your competitive team.

Akshay: I don’t need it at the moment but sure.

(Sycamore goes and gets the pokeballs of his competitive team.)

Akshay: Thank you.

Sycamore: So, what do you plan to do now?

Akshay; I’m going home for a break from traveling.

Sycamore: Breaks are nice.

Akshay: Well I’ll see you later.

Sycamore: Bye.

Akshay: Bye.

(Akshay leaves the lab and sends out his Charizard.)

Akshay: Go Charizard!

Charizard: Rah!

(Let’s go home boy.)

(Akshay gets on Charizard’s back and flies away.)

(Inside the lab.)

Sycamore: Now I should put Gardevoir in the yard with the rest of Akshay’s pokemon.

(Sycamore goes t the yard and throws out Gardevoir.)

Sycamore: Gardevoir I will need you in a moment so please relax in the meantime.

(Sycamore leaves and Gardevoir starts to socialize with the other pokemon. In the background there is a hidden camera.)

(Now we see a man and his assistant looking through the camera in his secret lair.)

Assistant: Are you watching that Akshay kid’s pokemon again?

Mr. Aku: Have I ever told you why I spy on these pokemon?

Assistnt: Because you want to steal them.

Mr. Aku: Have I ever told you why?

Assistant: No sir.

Mr. Aku: As you know Dr. Jaaku has been working on technology for months now that can increase the stats of a pokemon by 120%.

Assistant: And?

Mr. Aku: And this boy has some pretty powerful pokemon he is the champion of Kalos after all. He also has a few mega stones and Dr. Jaaku is also working on the technology to triple the power of a mega stone.

Assistant: I did not know that!

Mr. Aku: If I can get these pokemon then I’ll steal the strongest member of each trainer’s party. Then I will use all the pokemon to rule all of Kalos, and then the world!

Assistant: Oh I see this is a step in your plan.

Mr. Aku: Yes, and we will begin the next step very soon.

(The next scene is Akshay flying through the sky with his Charizard.)

Akshay: Charizard go down there.

(Charizard flies down there and they reach Vaniville Town.)

Akshay: It’s been a while since I been here.

(Akshay knocks on the door.)

Akshay: I’m home!

Akshay’s Mom: Hey, welcome hoe sweetie.

(They hug.)

Akshay: Am I smelling your delicious cooking over there?

Akshay’s Mom: Yep.

(Akshay walks over to it.)

Akshay’s Mom: Don’t eat yet it’s not dinner time!

Akshay: Darn!

Akshay’s Mom: Why don’t you head upstairs and I’ll call you down when it’s time?

Akshay: Okay.

(Akshay heads upstairs with Charizrd.)

Akshay: I haven’t been home in a while, I wonder how Connor is doing?

(Charizard is clueless on Connor.)

Akshay: The guy with the Blastoise.

(Charizard roars with anger.)

Akshay: Now you remember.

Akshay’s Mom: Honey dinner’s ready.

Akshay: Awesome let’s go Charizard!

(They go downstairs to eat dinner.)

Akshay: Food.

(Akshay sits down and eats the food.)

Akshay’s Mom: Here Charizard have some of my nice pokemon food.

(She puts down the bowl and Charizard munches away.)

(Akshay’s Mom looks at how fast Charizard and Akshay are eating.)

Akshay’s Mom: Like Trainer, like Pokemon.

(When they are finished eating someone knocks on their door.)

Akshay’s Mom: I wonder who that could be?

(She opens the door and Marc appears.)

Akshay: Marc.

Marc: Akshay, I saw you fly in here on your Charizard. It’s time for a rematch!

Akshay I never say no to a pokemon battle.

(They step outside.)

Akshay’s Mom: Can that boy go one day without a fight?

Marc: This’ll go down right here right now, and it’s a 3 on 3 battle. Got it?

Akshay: Yep.

Marc: Alright! Pidgeot let’s go!

(He sends out Pidgeot.)
I hoped you liked Part 1 Part 2 will be when I start the real awesomeness to it.