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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Final Announcement for this months stats! + Predictons!

There is only a few hours left before this month officially ends. So I'll talk about this now because I might not have time tomorrow. This month I received a tremendous amount of growth, mainly coming from The United States, Japan and Russia. That's amazing! It only took three weeks to surpass my goal. s of right now In March we got 662 views altogether. This also marks the first time in a year that my blog has gone through two straight months of good progress. That's great!

But I also have bad news. I predict a huge downfall in views next month. It's happened on my blog all the time  But any person in the world wouldn't want that. So we need an increase of daily views. How much exactly? Well I did the math and the daily viewing only needs to increase by like 10 on an average. That's all! I just need you to share this blog all over the web in hope that it'll raise my views even if it is just by 10. I know we can do it!