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Monday, April 21, 2014

Great news everyone!

Hey everyone I hoped you enjoyed my last post. But now it's time for another stats update. As you can tell by the title what I'm about to say will be very good. As of this moment I have 581 views for the past three weeks. That is great. Some of you are probably thinking that means A Day With Akshay  right on track. No, it's even better. The views have reached within 100 views o the goal. At this rate the curse that was put on my blog is gone. What curse you ask? The curse that I grow two months then plummet down the next! Sadly spring break is dying away so I won't have time to post as much as I have this week. But I still will do my very best to put as many as I can! I never told you guys but I have a new idea for  manga and I'm going to share it with you guys to critique. So expect that soon. I'll give you guys a background of it first.  But right now I will work on those to put up later this week. Have a great week everyone!