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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pokemon Fanfiction Part 2

Marc: This’ll go down right here right now, and it’s a 3 on 3 battle. Got it?
Akshay: Yep.

Marc: Alright! Pidgeot let’s go!

(He sends out Pidgeot.)

(A sleeping ryhorn gets up and goes on to the battle field.)

Akshay: Ryhorn! You want to battle!

Ryhorn: Horn!

Akshay: I’ll take that as a yes. Alright use tackle!

(Ryhorn goes really fast to tackle Pidgeot.)

Marc: Pidgeot use Wing Attack!

(It hits Ryhorn.)

Akshay: Ryhorn use Stomp.

(It really hurts Pidgeot.)

Marc: PIdgeot are you okay!

(Pidgeot nods.)

Marc: Alright Pidgeot use air cutter then take to the skies.

Akshay: Oh no you don’t! Ryhorn dodge it!

(Ryhorn dodges and tackles Pidgeot before it takes to the skies.)

Marc: Pidgeot are you okay?

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

Marc: Pidgeot use air cutter over and over again!

(That’s exactly what Pidgeot does.)

Akshay: Ryhorn take the hit like a man.

(Ryhorn just stands there and lets all the attacks hit him.)

Marc: You’ll go down eventually!

(Pidgeot keeps attacking. Ryhorn keeps his ground.)

Marc: Now try gust it can’t hold its ground forever!

(Pidgeot keeps trying but it is useless.)

Marc’s thoughts: Why is this not working?

(PIdgeot stops and collapses on the ground but has not fainted yet.)

Akshay: Alright now’s our chance use horn drill!

(It’s a direct hit and Pidgeot faints.)

Pidgeot: Pidgeot.

Marc: PIdgeot return.

(Pidgeot gets recalled.)

(A man hiding behind a tree is spying on Akshay and Marc’s battle.)

???: That Ryhorn of his Is a sturdy one.

???’s thoughts: I’ll wait ‘til Ryhorn is weak enough then I’ll take it!

Akshay: Good Job Ryhorn! Do you wanna keep fighting?

(Ryhorn nods.)

Marc’s thoughts: This Ryhorn is sturdy maybe my secret weapon will help.

Marc: Go Blastoise!

Akshay: Him? Already? Whatever Ryhorn use horn drill!

(Ryhorn strikes Blastoise but it only dents his shell.)

Marc: Blastoise use Aqua Jet!

(It’s super effective. )

Akshay: Ryhorn are you okay?

(Ryhorn nods.)

Akshay: Use Tackle.

(It hardly does anything.)

Marc: Mega Punch!

(Super effective.)

???: That Ryhorn is so sturdy to withstand such powerful attacks.

Marc: Alright time for my secret weapon!

(Marc shows his mega ring and Blastoise turns into Mega Blastoise.)

Akshay: Oh my.

Akshay’s thoughts: Last time this happened Charizard was in the poke center for days.

Akshay: Ryhorn do you want a break?

(Ryhorn shakes his head no.)

Akshay: If you say so, Ryhorn use tackle!

(Ryhorn tackles Mega Blastoise but not even a scratch on him.)

Marc: Use hydro pump!

(Mega Blastoise uses hydro pump and it makes Ryhorn faint.)

???: Go steal ball! (The steal ball is like a poke ball just all black and has じゃあくon it which means evil in Japanese.)

(Ryhorn goes into the steal ball and ??? picks it up.)

Akshay: How is that possible? It’s impossible to capture an owned pokemon.

???: Were you not listening I said it’s a STEAL ball!

Akshay: Oh, anyways, give me back my ryhorn!

???: No thank you.

Akshay: Send it out right now!

???: Okay.

(Ryhorn comes out. But has red eyes now.)

Akshay: Ryhorn return.

(Ryhorn can’t be recalled.)

???: Ryhorn use tackle.

(Ryhorn tackles Akshay into a wall.)

Marc: Akshay!

(Marc rushes to Akshay’s aid.)

Marc: Are you okay?

Akshay: I think so but I don’t get why Ryhorn would do that.

???: You fool! This aint your Ryhorn anymore, also the steal ball makes it forget about its past owner entirely.

(Akshay stands up with Marc’s help.)

Akshay: Thanks Marc.

???: Now I’ll take your Blastoise!