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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jaco The Galactic Patrolman review!

Today I will be reviewing the twelve chapter manga series that was created by Akira Toriyama. Before I tell you my overall thoughts on this short series let me tell you a little about it.

It takes place a few years before the beginning of Dragon Ball, the mega hit manga series from the 80s, and the main characters are an old man named Omori a teenage girl named Tights and most importantly the galactic patrolman Jaco! What happens is Jaco crash lands on Earth, but it was his intentional destination. Their he meets Omori the guy who is working on a time machine. He lives on an island that was used for government research until the project they were working on failed. He and Jaco meet on this island and sort of become friends. While there was not much action compared to what Akira Toriyama has shown in the past, mainly because it's a comedy, it is still in there, Jaco does prove that he can fight. Those two meet Tights when they go to the east capital. Towards the end of this short series it is revealed that Tights is related to an important character in the Dragon Ball series. I will not spoil that for you and let you find out on your own. In the twelfth and final chapter of this volume you get to meet Bardock and Gine, Goku's mother. If you are a Dragon Ball fan like me you will surely enjoy the last chapter, which is called Dragon Ball Minus, I know I sure did.

My overall thoughts are is that you should totally buy this manga. While it barely holds a candle to Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z it is still really good. I believe 100% that it is worth spending time on reading it.

Overall: ****

You can buy it at your local bookstore and comic store for $9.99 US/12.99 CAN

If you have the Viz Manga app you can download it for $6.99