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Sunday, April 26, 2015

We finally did it!

It finally happened my blog has reached a new all time record! It's  all thanks to you guys. I would not have come months ahead of schedule if it wasn't  for your support.
For those who are wondering this is not another July 2013! Back then my blog did well because of a huge amount of posts! Because I  did that I  had nothing to post in August  and then a huge decrease of hundreds of views!
This time around  the amount of posts are getting less and less due to me wanting to send out higher quality posts.
So, do not worry about me stop posting and resharing all over the web, I  still plan on doing that more and more. Thank you for all your support and I  would love it if the numbers in May turn out to be similar. I do want gains for May but not as high as April got. That was really hard to get which I  am grateful  for it. Domo Arigato or Thank you very much!
P.S: That was Japanese