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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Secretary of State Mitt Romney?

As you all should know Donald Trump has made a lot of cabinet picks lately and at the time of this writing has not made a decision for the Secretary of State position. While I like all his appointments so far there is one potential appointment that has a lot of hate in the Republican party right now. That man is named Mitt Romney. In this post I will tell you my thoughts on him as Secretary of State.

Donald and Mitt have exchanged a lot of blows at eachother throughout the campaign trai and Romney wasn't even running. He went out of his way to make Trump look bad and even voted against him. That gives him a bad name among Trump supporters and appointing him would be a huge betrayel to his supporters. In my opinion this is true but at the same time the Republican party should unify and mend all fences of the past.

However, Mitt Romney is the exact type of person Trump promised to fight against, in other words the Establishment. Would it be alright to put him high in his cabinet?  In my opinion yes because he is still a very good candidate. He is a businessman like Trump but is a lot more politically correct which helps on the world stage. I think Mitt Romney would make a great Secretary of State and most hate against the idea is something I think people will get over as voters do in every election. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.