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If you look to your right you should see a box that says "Wanna tell me something well now you can." use that to contact me as a substitute for using blogger's default comment section. I recommend it because it's more private . But remember it's meant for inquiries for those of you who don't know inquiries are questions. If you have trouble  using that the alternatives to calling me are below:
Name: Akshay Narendranath
Home Phone: (To be added later.)
Cell Phone: (To be added later.)
Youtube: Message my inbox at my channel Akshay Narendranath
Google+: +Akshay Narendranath is my username.
Linkedin: Connect with me their, my username is Akshay Narendranath
Anime and Manga Amino: akshaycreator9 is my username over their.
Twitter: My handle is @AkshayNarendra1